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Noelanders XIV

Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Mon, December 10, 2012 00:05:23

Just in case anyone is feeling like a trip to the best European Bonsai show there is early next year here is the poster for Noelanders XIV

To cap off a really good bonsai year I've just had confirmation my upright Hinoki Cypress has been accepted for the show, making up one of the 100 or so trees on display. This is a real honour to have a tree included the first year I applied and it is great that the first tree ever from Cornwall has made the grade for the best show we have available.

The hinoki was sat at Roberts St Mawgan nursery for a decade or more before I bought it 5 years ago. over the years I have potted it down from the huge oval it came in (30") to a smaller oval (24") and finally now to a nice tokoname pot. The tree has been reduced in height a lot, hollowed, carved, wired, re-wired and now has a mature 'real' tree appearance. Now i need to scrub the algae off, do a little very fine wiring with 0.5mm copper and deliver the tree to Peter Warren who will transport the tree to the show and set up the display - Mandy and I can then go just for the weekend........just like japan.

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Posted by marcus watts Wed, December 12, 2012 20:28:57

thanks Owen, i was so happy to get the 'yes' email. The hinoki is one of my all time favorite trees, and cant believe it was at Roberts all those years un-noticed. a month late rmy Elm has been accepted for the Swindon winter image show too, what do you think would be a good accent ?

Posted by Owen Mon, December 10, 2012 19:56:06

Congratulations Marcus for well deserved recognition.

You are 'proper do'in us proud' down 'ere in Cornwall.