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Nice pots

any other businessPosted by Marcus Wed, September 12, 2012 22:42:24

Just a heads up - Robert has put his private pots in the nursery for sale.

Brian Albright (all sold 1st day i think !, before I even got there)

Gordon Duffett - undoubtably the very best the UK has produced - and Robert has some stunners - if you have a show tree these are worth a look as no other UK potters have yet matched them

Early Walsall ceramics - startng to age nicely now

Erin - for that unique glaze or finish - all one off creations

Proper Tokoname - chop marked, some signed, very fine high quality and slightly older pots - the perfect pot for the classic show tree.

They are not small pots, and they are not the usual bargain pots, but they are very very high quality and many date back 25 years - most have never been planted either - he was a collector

Happy hunting

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