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Peter Warren Visit

Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Mon, August 13, 2012 07:08:35

Just to let you all know Peter Warrren is coming to Cornwall and is doing two small intimate workshops at my house. Saturday the 8th and Sunday 9th September are the dates and there are just two places in total left.

Each day is limited to 4 people so that everyone gets plenty of time and attention, the cost is just £65.00, and hopefully will be the first of many visits Peter does for us, so workshop trees can be progressed and given a plan for the future.

This level of workshop will be perfect for bringing the best out in your trees and making sure they reach their full potential - also the amount of bonsai experience, help and hints that will be bounced around between Peter and the group will be priceless.

If anyone wants more info just get hold of me, but dont sit on the fence as opportunities to work with a bonsai proffessional down here in cornwall are few and far between. If one person wants a 2 day workshop to work on a larger or inticate tree this will fill the final place, so availability is 1 person per day.

Cheers Marcus 07855 300789

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