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Pine night

Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Mon, July 30, 2012 18:36:08

Pine night went really well, thanks for all the messages and thankyou especially for bringing such a wonderfull selection of pines along. As this was the third year we moved more into styling and refinement methods rather than basic pruning and care.

For those that remember the black pine raw material I bought along:

It is now nicely wired, styled, and set on its way as a bonsai. This tree and several others are actually on the updated 'FOR SALE' page of the club web site.

I think we had Japanese Black pine, White pine pentaphylla, Scotts pine, mugo pine, Scotts beauvonensis and 'Cornish Pine' - so a nice variety to talk about.

Next meeting is Cornish landscapes so it will be a great evening of slate, windswept, walls and who knows what other creative landscape scenes you have put together !.

cheers Marcus

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