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Gordons pots take Japan by storm

NewsPosted by Marcus Sat, April 21, 2012 20:32:04

Here is a nice story.

I've been in correspondance with Peter Tea, the main apprentice to Mr Tanaka, owner of Aichi-En Bonsai Nursery in Japan. I know Peter collects certain pots, and I had a few from Gordon that I just knew Peter would like so I made a gift of 2 pots and posted them to the nursery in Japan.

They arrived safely today and they both love them - they say there are no pots like it in Japan ! The pots have been put outside in the nursery planted with accents so they develop age, weathering and patina (a few clues there - I keep all my spare and empty pots outdoors year round - shiny new pots look wrong with a bonsai, aging is essential to their credibility).

Both Peter and Mr Tanaka think the pots will create lots of interest from the customers and visitors to the nursery, and once they show age Mr Tanaka is thinking to use them in one of the large bonsai shows ! - Can you imagine Gordons pot in a Kokufuten exhibition and catalogue !!!

While bouncing emails back and forth across the planet I sent a set of pictures of the needle juniper that came from Roberts and asked for some help and advice as I wanted to do the tree justice. Some really useful advice was given and the observation that the tree had fine qualities round the back. To inspire me Peter sent back two pictures of junipers from the 2012 Kokufuten exhibition and now I'm well into a total restyle of my tree.

here is the inspirational world class tree he showed me - give me a year or two OK !

cheers all and well done to Gordon for some great work - on our door step too.

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