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Shows and MeetingsPosted by Owen Sun, April 15, 2012 20:22:42
With our Annual Exhibition at Trelissick just five weeks away I thought that it was time to prepare some Accent Plants. Coral and Audrey always create a marvellous display with our offerings and need our plants in as great a variety as possible.

After Ritta Coopers inspiring talk last year we should be able to put on an even better show.

Below are a couple of photos of my mornings work gathering plants from my garden.

Libertia and mind-your-business in one of Gordon's marvellous pots.

Uncinia and a yellow tinted moss.

Obviously much trimming and tidying up needed when they recover from transplanting.

If you have nothing in your garden I notice that the local garden centres (and even Trago Mills) have a selection of alpine plants at the moment. Most of these plants are a little over £1 each and are capable of being pulled apart to give a piece for an Accent Plant leaving you with plenty to dig into the garden.

Other photos/ideas welcome.

Happy Accenting,


here are the pictures of Gordons work to accompany Owens post

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