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Happy Easter

seasonal workPosted by Marcus Sat, April 07, 2012 19:10:28

I think we got of lightly with the weather - one frost just before Easter but nothing hard enough to need to pack trees away again.

Out of curiosity what trees do people have that are yet to wake up? - i have the European beech group and the white beech group still dormant and the beni maiko red acer just breaking bud.

At the other end of the scale a trident has been pinched already and the kyohime has had first extension growth pruned off. White pine candles are about an inch long but i will wait until the needles are showing before pinching as last year i pinched a bit early and ended up with loads of flowers with no needles on the end! This could have killed branches on a weak tree but luckily there were small buds at the base of many flowers.

We didnt really have a winter this year and it seems like i've only had one cracked branch on a scots pine die off - it hung on green until a repot and then went brown in 2 weeks so it shows the stress caused by root pruning etc.

Bank holiday wiring and styling was this juniper - ready for the non pine evergreen meeting this month. here is a just imported picture from 2008, a before i started pic and one after the pads were formed.

Sept 2008

Jan 2012

And here is the tree styled - the carving on the upper trunk was finished on Saturday and the picture taken Easter Sunday

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