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even rocks have direction

seasonal workPosted by Marcus Mon, March 05, 2012 19:02:14

A few months back I was posting pictures of a developing beech forest on IBC forum and Robert Steven was giving advice and hints into improving the planting. The forest moved from a pot to a slab, then to a bigger slab, and then after replant number 3 Robert threw in the observation I had never ever considered - the slab I made was dominant to the right so moved right to left but the trees I planted went: main tree on left, secondary tree to trees and slab were opposing each other not complementing. (replant no.4 is coming up soon !!)

Neil sent me a great few pictures how his larch is progressing and has now been replanted to a slate slab. The slate absolutely makes the tree, but while I was studying the tree it dawned the slab also had a direction, and just like my beech forest the tree and slab were opposing each other.

here are some pictures of the tree and a quick photoshop i did. What do you all think? Comments much appreciated please.

And a rough photoshop play about. Its amazing how powerfull a tool photoshop can be in trying out bonsai ideas without touching the tree !

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