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Shows and MeetingsPosted by Owen Tue, May 29, 2012 20:53:37

Magical Bonsai Accents at Failand Bristol.

This must be one of the treats of the year. A room full of the most innovative and creative accent plants. Your eyes and senses were widened at every exhibit. The word Magical in the title was if anything an understatement.

See below to get a flavour of the show and resolve to go next time.

The organisers are to be congratulated on producing a European if not world first in such a flawless manner that the day was a complete delight.


And a few pictures from Marcus

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bonsai by the sea

Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Wed, May 23, 2012 23:27:39

Nice Owen - glad you had a great weekend. I wrote the Exmouth show up on this blog site so have linked to it rather than repeat everything twice. Nice pics - lighting is the bane of our displaying lives it seems - its the problem with wanting everything perfect i guess !

Exmouth Show in pictures

cheers Marcus

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Shows and MeetingsPosted by Owen Wed, May 23, 2012 21:49:34
Hi All,

Good to hear from Marcus that Exmouth was such a success. Back here at home we had a wonderful week-end at Trelissick. A very good selection of trees from the excellent to very good presentations by new members.

Below a selection of pictures - chosen not for quality of trees but the few photos that came out reasonably well in very difficult lighting conditions.

and finally Frank seems to be dropping a hint as to what he wants for a Christmas present.

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Wednesday night

Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Tue, May 22, 2012 22:17:38

Hi everyone,

just a quick note to say this wednesdays meeting is cancelled as the hall electricity safety certificte is expired and we are not able to use it until the new one is issued !!

Hopefully everyone has been called but those that suscribe to the blog will get a message now too.

Catch up next month - hope trelissick was good, Exmouth was excelent this year - report to follow

cheers Marcus

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Pots for the Exmouth show

Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Thu, May 17, 2012 22:34:40
Here we have some 'fresh from ther kiln' pots from Gordon, ready for the Exmouth Show. There's a couple of stunners here - well worth the trip to devon ! smiley

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South West talent contest

Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Sat, April 21, 2012 10:23:00

just a little update on Exmouth show. I know our attendance will be a little down this year as it clashes with the traditional Trelisik weekend but for anyone coming up for the Sunday the New Talent contest is well and truely on this year and is a very reasonable £5.00 to enter and you keep the tree. (dont tell anyone i said this but the material is a spiky upright juniper species).

There is also a joint inter-club display of UK native trees - we have the option (obligation) to add one nice native tree as the CBS contribution. Does anyone have a nice UK native for the display please?? Colin or myself could take it up if you are attending the other show.

thanks once again - Marcus

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Shows and MeetingsPosted by Owen Sun, April 15, 2012 20:22:42
With our Annual Exhibition at Trelissick just five weeks away I thought that it was time to prepare some Accent Plants. Coral and Audrey always create a marvellous display with our offerings and need our plants in as great a variety as possible.

After Ritta Coopers inspiring talk last year we should be able to put on an even better show.

Below are a couple of photos of my mornings work gathering plants from my garden.

Libertia and mind-your-business in one of Gordon's marvellous pots.

Uncinia and a yellow tinted moss.

Obviously much trimming and tidying up needed when they recover from transplanting.

If you have nothing in your garden I notice that the local garden centres (and even Trago Mills) have a selection of alpine plants at the moment. Most of these plants are a little over £1 each and are capable of being pulled apart to give a piece for an Accent Plant leaving you with plenty to dig into the garden.

Other photos/ideas welcome.

Happy Accenting,


here are the pictures of Gordons work to accompany Owens post

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Shows and MeetingsPosted by Marcus Wed, February 15, 2012 21:51:40

Just a quick note to confirm the Exmouth Show is most certainly taking place at the usual pavilion venue. The date this year is Sunday May 20th with doors opening 10.30am. (This does clash with the second day of the Trellisick show this year so I know our numbers will be a little reduced on previous years, but it gives the opportunity to see Trellisick on saturday and Exmouth on sunday, a perfect bonsai weekend!).

All the usual club displays will be taking place and the only reported absence this year are the azaleas of the Satsuki Society, who will not be attending as a group. Several traders will have stands at the show, there will be the third 'Styling Challenge' competition and we need two or three club members to enter please. I'm doing a seperate demo on one of the challenge trees before the event so won't be taking part in the challenge itself this year. Dan Barton is hopefully judging the entrants this year so a nice neat compact design with tidy wiring will go a long way ! smiley

So far we have Colin representing the club and no hiding if i approach you at the next few meetings ! as a couple of entrants makes the competition far more fun.

I'll update with an official press release soon but this is a confirmation the show is going ahead and is the closest opportunity you'll ever get to see some fantastically refined trees belonging to Mark & Rita Cooper, Swindon Bonsai Society, Dragon Bonsai amongth others.

cheers Marcus

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